• Osceola Gold Provides Geological and Magnetic Report Update

    WEIRTON, WV / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2021 / Osceola Gold (OTC PINK:OSCI) a precious metal mining company that focuses on the development and exploration of gold and other precious metal mining projects have updated their independent studies to reflect additional third-party analysis which confirms projections on approximately $4 Billion in reserves.

    Osceola Gold Inc. has now made all reports available for investor review on the corporate website. Particularly for shareholder review is the latest follow-up report from Geologist Russell Steifel, which validates the earlier Skookum analysis report.

    This report outlines the development of gold transporting paleochannels and the physical movement of gold bearing pediments from the load source above the Mary Ann Canyon into the paleochannels and alluvium.

    These results further validate the GEO Scan analysis which indicates numerous AU targets throughout the area of interest. The better of the signatures are mapped. Core drilling or excavation and sampling are planned to prove up the points. Extrapolation of the additional data continues to support drilling locations in several MAV and Solomon claims.

    CEO Thomas More stated: ” We are utilizing all reports that are available to us to in taking this venture to the next level. These reports explain how we plan to achieve our corporate goals, and fulfill shareholder expectations.”

    The Maryann Canyon Drilling and Exploration Report, produced by Russell L. Steifel is a simplified articulation of previous reports . The report reveals the process of how the earths rocks and minerals (i.e. our gold reserves), layer to run within MaryAnn Canyon. It also further explains how the sediment layers on the gold mineral, and is channeled by the flow of waters in bedrock. The report provides insight about how the alluvial fans were formed.